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Turkey Online Shopping Increased adoption of E-commerce solutions by the sellers and permanent changes in consumer behavior will push the market towards 400-450 billion TRY levels in 2026, to exceed 22% penetration in total retailing.

Online shopper base is expected to reach 45 million in 2026 and represent more than %70 of the total addressable population. Online shopping demand, especially luxury, takes off in Turkey.

One of the biggest competitions between conventional and online shopping has been in the clothing category in 2020. In particular, the competition in the categories of footwear and outerwear has become fiercer than ever. Shopping frequency has risen in the clothing category as well, reaching 2.4 times per consumer each month.

E-commerce platforms have become the go-to places for parents that seek an economical way to shop for their children from every demographic.

Best souvenirs and gifts to buy online in Turkey

Turkish brands are an increasingly common sight on shopping streets around the world. Turkish clothing manufacturers emerged in the fashion-industry as a force to be reckoned with. The Internet made it easier to reach the masses, and gaining countrywide recognition, some went global.

To focus your search and make your shopping experience in Turkey memorable in a good sense, check out the list of suggested gift items reflecting the true spirit of Turkey.

Turkish Textile

The history of textile production in Turkey goes back to the Ottoman period. In the 16th and 17th centuries, textile production was widespread and at an advanced level. The fact that until the end of the empire the Ottoman industry was heavily relied on textile industry was the clear indication of the importance of the sector.

Turkey is renowned for its beautiful textiles, especially its cotton, grown with care and century-old practices. Though most people would think solely of carpets or soft and lightweight towels when one mentions Turkey, there are actually quite a few unique Turkish fabrics.

Turkish Coffee Set

Turkish coffee sets seem to come straight from a fairytale. Some are incredibly ornamental, made of copper, brass or other metal, sometimes with silver or gold decorations, others are made of beautifully painted ceramics with gilded brim. The coffee culture in Turkey is very rich, so you will find a lot of varieties of coffee sets – and excellent types of coffee, too.




Turkish Tea Glasses

Everywhere you go in Turkey, you will be served tea from fine sets of small tulip-shaped glasses, often with delicate ornaments. They make an exotic, refined and elegant gift with an Oriental note.

There is also a great variety of high quality tea at very convenient prices, so add some packets to those glasses! The typical Turkish tea – çay – is a strong black tea, and some other popular flavors include natural apple, pomegranate, orange blossom, linden blossom, sage and rosehip tea.

Mosaic Lamps

How about taking home a piece of Turkey that will recreate its mysterious and magical atmosphere at your home? Beautifully and skillfully decorated glass and brass lamps come in all the colors and shapes, they are unique and they have a lot of character. It’s certainly one of the most exotic souvenirs or gifts you can take home with you.

Leather Jackets, Bags, Belts, Wallets

You can find real leather products. Whether you look for a trendy leather jacket, or a stylish leather handbag, or maybe some accessories like a belt or wallet – the choice is overwhelming. Bags come in all colors and sizes, and you can find quite unique patterns.


Exotic Handmade Shoes

Extremely vivid colors, golden patterns and a fairytale-like shape make many Turkish shoes the footwear you may not wear on most occasions, but they are so cheap they will make lovely slippers for home, or a great gift for kids, especially for some fairytale costumes. There is also a fantastic range of more “serious” and truly beautiful shoes like leather sandals and ballerinas in very convenient prices.



Turkish Delight and Halva

Lokum – Turkish Delight is a colorful delicate soft candy make of starch and sugar, with nuts, dried fruit and different flavors. The classics include pistachio, ginger, mint, rose and fig flavors, but you can find much more. You can buy them loose or packaged, cut into cubes or in a “sausage” form. They are all delicious. Another classic is halva, a dense, sticky confection made of nuts and sesame paste or other nut butters with a variety of flavors.

Gold and Jewellery

Turkey is one of the largest exporters of gold. Turkish jewellery in gold, silver and precious stones is of great quality and beauty, so if you have a soft spot for these beautiful accessories or you want to buy something really precious for your loved one.



Backgammon & Chess

This classic game has been popular in Turkey since the 16th century. In Turkey you will have a huge choice of beautifully carved, handmade backgammon and chess boards. The best ones are usually made of walnut wood, often with pearl inlay. A handmade backgammon or chess board makes an elegant and refined gift.




The range of colors and patterns of scarves and shawls in Turkey is amazing! You will buy them here in much better prices than back home. They differ in quality, the best ones are made entirely of silk, other of silk and cotton or polyester.




Kilim, Carpets and Pillow Cushions

Turkish Carpets have always had an important role in Turkish culture. The carpet was first introduced to the Middle East and the Islamic world by the Turks, showing great development in the region where the Turkish communities lived in Central Asia. Turkish Carpets first developed in Central Asia because the main economic resource of the Turks was animal husbandry. For this reason, the raw material of the carpet was generally sheep fleece.

Natural Handmade Soaps

Known for its wealth of olive trees, Turkey is one of the largest producers of olive oil, making it a center for producing natural soaps derived from olives, which allows the country to produce some of the finest natural soaps in the world.

These authentic soaps, which have been used for generations, are perfect choices for your health and eco-conscious friends.



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