How to Order From Zara Turkey and Ship Worldwide

How to Order Zara TurkeyIf you’re a fashion lover, you’ve likely heard of Zara, one of the world’s leading fashion retailers. Zara Turkey, in particular, offers a range of stylish and affordable clothing items that you may want to add to your wardrobe. However, if you live outside Turkey, ordering from Zara Turkey can be a challenge.

Zara Turkey is a popular destination for fashion lovers around the world, offering trendy and affordable clothing items. However, if you live outside Turkey, shipping can be a hassle. Luckily, provides an easy solution for international shoppers to order from Zara Turkey and have their purchases shipped to them.

How it Works?

To begin, visit the website and sign up for a Take&Ship account. Once you’ve created an account, you will be provided with a unique shipping address in Turkey. You can then proceed to shop on Zara Turkey’s website as you normally would, and enter your shipping address at checkout.

Once your order has been delivered to your address in Turkey, we will then forward it to your desired international destination. You can track your package every step of the way, and have peace of mind knowing that your order is being handled by professionals.

With, ordering from Zara Turkey and shipping internationally is easy and stress-free. Moreover, offers affordable rates and excellent customer service. Start shopping now and experience the convenience of international shopping with

Sign up today at start shopping with your free Take & Ship Turkiye address!

Shop online in Turkey ship to Worldwide with Take&Ship.

4 steps to How Take&Ship Works;

  1. Sign up and get free a Turkey shipping address.
  2. Start shopping top Turkish brands, simply enter your TAKE & SHIP address as delivery at checkout on seller website .
  3. Save up to 80% international shipping by combining your orders.
  4. We will send your packages to your location with the carrier method you choose from a variety of our trustworthy partners.

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Purchase products from TURKEY online shops and get it delivered to your country. Just register, get your virtual TURKEY shipping address and enjoy the user friendly of our parcel forwarding service and fastest customer service.

Reduce your Shipping Costs

Take and Ship will take your multiple packages and combine them in one large box. We will cut down the shipping cost as shipping one large parcel costs lesser than multiple small packages. Repacking end up saving money no matter what the overall weight of the items will end up being.

Take and Ship is committed to help you in your international purchases. For this reason, we offer you a consolidation & repacking service.

Consolidation is the process of combining multiple orders, possibly from different online stores onto one tracking number so all your packages will be delivered together but in their original packages. Let’s say you buy the latest Clothes from Trendyol and a pair of T-shirts from Hepsiburada in Turkey. Take and Ship will put the original boxes together to be treated as a single shipment, so you will receive the 2 packages at the same time.

Note: Consolidation does not involve repacking multiple packages into one box