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Value Added Services

Purchase products from TURKEY online shops and get it delivered to your country. Just register, get your virtual TURKEY shipping address and enjoy the user friendly of our parcel forwarding service and fastest customer service.

We offer a range of value added ser­vices should you need it before we ship out:

Consolidation Service

Shopping Turkey online stores means getting great products and unlimited shopping experience but shipping multiple packages overseas direct from the merchant can be very costly. Instead, ship your parcels with Take and Ship, and our experts will take packages and combine them together, saving you up to 80% off standard international shipping rates.

Extra Item Photo

Every parcel received comes with 3 exterior photos. we want you to be able to see exactly what was delivered. You can also order additional photos. Request detailed photos of your items or the box serial number, to see your have arrived safely.

Upon receiving your parcel we will elect to check its contents to ensure it can be safely and legally shipped to your forwarding address.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you only send items that may be legally and safely imported to your country of residence. We will then send you an e-mail informing you of its arrival.

It is important to know, that all received shipments will be opened and reviewed to identify excluded goods or dangerous goods.
All original packed and sealed products will not be unpacked during the reception.


We store your goods free of charge in our warehouse for up to 45 days. After the incoming goods were opened and inspected, they are re-packaged and stored in Take and Ship warehouse. After 45 days of free storage, we store your parcels for an additional 30 days with charge. In these 30 days we charge for each parcel two USD per day for storage. Should your parcel be very large and the storage requirements are higher than normal, Take and Ship reserves the right to adjust the storage fees accordingly. If parcels are not claimed by you after these 100 days, Take and Ship is entitled to dispose the goods at the expense of the customer according to dutiful discretion. Any claims for damages of the customer remain unaffected.


We will check all incoming packages to make sure if the item has damage and piece count matches the declaration. If you need to have items checked closely to make sure if they match the declaration exactly, please request inspection. Inspection may include color/size/product number matching, price tag removal, content split between packages or other special requests. Please include special instructions when sending, or contact us with any questions about inspection services we provide. Inspection fee may increase depending on the tasks you request us to perform

Repacking Service

Some companies refuse to repack your items and perhaps worse, they refuse to consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment. Sadly the consumer suffers in this scenario over-paying for each individual shipment.

Re-packing an item is a simple way to reduce unnecessary girth and weight. Often packages shipped from seller are overfilled with excessive packing material like paper or air packs. These same packages when shipped internationally collect extra charges due to the size or volumetric dimensions. Since international shipping cost are calculated as the greater of either gross weight or volumetric weight.

Shopping Assistance

If you have trouble ordering online, we can shop on your behalf with Shopping Assistance, you tell us what items you want, where to buy them and we’ll take care of the rest!

Now you don’t have to worry about payment or shipping. Take and Ship will handle what you need.

Road Cargo Transport Services

If you need road cargo service you can contact us to get reasonable shipping rates.

Road transport is the cheapest option for the transfer of goods over short and medium distances compared to air or sea transport. This is because it does not require specific infrastructures to reach its destination (such as a port or airport). Of course, this is reflected in the final price.

Your goods, from origin to destination, without setbacks.
By delegating the transport of goods by lorry to us, you will have a professional at your side to advise you, advise you and keep you up to date at all times. You only have to tell us the place of loading and unloading, and we will do the rest.

Fulfillment Services

Let Take&Ship store, pack, and ship your domestic and international orders!

Ideal for small businesses. If you are an Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11, Amazon seller, foreign manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer that wants to reach individual consumers in the Turkey or in other countries, then become a Take&Ship retail order fulfillment services partner. With this service we store your Turkey inventory, handle the packing, and package forwarding at a very reasonable price to you or your customers. Your product will be shipped directly from Turkey  to your customers.

Order Fulfillment service and Value Added Services are a perfect complement to Take&Ship parcel forwarding services.

This is the ideal way for companies new to Turkey to reach Global market! Contact us and get Started Now!

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