Rate Calculator

* Max piece weight 30 kg
* Max piece dimensions  (L x W x H) 120*80*80 cm


We remove extra, oversized packaging, we will maximize shipment density. Since oversized boxes need extra cushioning.
You will save up to 80% international shipping cost.


Dimensional Weight Calculation

NOTE: You may need to pay duties or taxes when your shipment arrives. The cost will depend on your country’s tax laws.

Learn about duties and taxes. Don’t forget to check with your local government about restricted items or additional fees.

Dimensional weight is a calculation of a theoretical weight of a package. This theoretical weight is the weight of the package at a minimum density chosen by the freight carrier. If the package is below this minimum density, then the actual weight is irrelevant as the freight carrier will charge for the volume of the package as if it were of the chosen density (what the package would weigh at the minimum density).

Furthermore, the volume used to calculate the dimensional weight may not be absolutely representative of the true volume of the package. The freight carrier will measure the longest dimension in each of the three axis (X, Y, Z) and use these measurements to determine the package volume.

If the package is a right-angled rectangular box (cuboid), then this will be equal to the true volume of the package. However, if the package is of any other shape, then the calculation of volume will be more than the true volume of the package. For more…

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