How does Take&Ship Work?

How does TakeandShip Work
How does TakeandShip Work

If you’re looking to shop online in Turkey, here’s how works: the following steps explain how to use

1. Sign Up; Register an account on by providing your contact information, shipping address and other necessary details.

2. Get Your Warehouse Address; Takeandship will assign you an overseas warehouse address. This address will be used when shopping on online stores in Turkey.

3. Shop Online in Turkey; Explore online stores and choose the products you wish to purchase. During the checkout process use the provided warehouse address as your shipping address in Turkey.

4. Delivery to Warehouse; After completing your purchases the Turkish online stores will ship the items directly to your designated Takeandship warehouse address.

5. Repack / Merge; If you have made orders from stores Takeandship may offer a Repack / Merge service where they combine all your purchases into one package. This can help reduce shipping costs.

6. Select Shipping Method; Log in to your Takeandship account. Choose a shipping method that suits your preferences from the options. Consider factors such, as delivery speed and cost when making your selection.

7. Pay for Shipping; Utilize the payment options provided by Takeandships platform to pay for the shipping fees associated with your package(s).

8. Package Delivery; Once your package is prepared and shipped from the Takeandship warehouse you will receive tracking information allowing you to monitor its progress. Keep an eye, on the packages journey until it reaches the address you’ve provided for delivery, in Turkey.

9.Receive Your Package: Once the package arrives, you’ll receive it at your doorstep or the address you provided. Check the contents to ensure they match your orders.


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How does TakeandShip Work
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