Newborn Baby Clothes

Newborn babies are delicate and need the right type of clothing to keep them comfortable and protected. The skin of a newborn baby is sensitive and can easily get irritated, so it’s important to choose soft, breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics.

Newborn baby wear is specifically designed for the first few months of a baby’s life, when they grow the most. They come in a range of styles and designs to suit different tastes and needs. For example, there are simple onesies with snaps for easy dressing, sleepers with feet to keep baby warm, and outfits with cute designs and prints.

When choosing newborn baby wear, it’s important to consider the temperature of the room and the time of year. In the warmer months, lightweight and breathable cotton is a good choice, while in the colder months, fleece or wool are better options. It’s also important to choose clothes that fit well and are not too tight or too loose, as this can affect the baby’s comfort and mobility.

Zayac Mehovoi Newborn Wear

Features of the very first wardrobe from the brand “Zayac Mehovoi”.


The most important thing to pay attention to when purchasing clothes for a baby is the quality and type of fabric that will directly touch his delicate skin. For tailoring sets, we use only natural, high-quality cotton. It is anti-allergic, breathable and very soft – this material will provide the baby with maximum comfort.

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Proper care of baby clothes

  • Wash children’s clothes separately from adults’ clothes.
  • White items are washed separately from colored items.
  • Washing is done either with baby soap (manually) or with a special baby powder (in a washing machine).
  • If you wash in a washing machine, set the fastest wash for 15-20 minutes
  • After drying, iron things well on both sides
  • The extraction of children’s clothes should be gentle so that things do not deform and retain their appearance longer. If you wash by hand, then wring out things carefully.

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