How to Shop Turkey Stores & Ship to Worldwide.

What You Have to Do to Shop Online in Turkey and Ship to your country.

  • Sign up to become a Take&Ship member. Register online and get a Take&Ship Turkey address instantly.
  • Start Shopping from Turkey stores online to find the best products, brands and prices to buy from thousands of Turkish retailers.
  • Check Out and use your takeandship address as the “Delivery to (Teslimat Adresi)” address. Tip: Take advantage of retailers’ free shipping offers to the takeandship facility.
  • Ship You decide when to ship and how much to to pay for shipping.
    • We offer a range of value added ser­vices should you need it before we ship out
    • Repack/Merge Package(s)
    • Inspect Packages
    • Request Items Photos
    • Consolidate packages
    • Fragile Extra Packing
    • Choose your carrier & ship method

Your packages arrive at customs, where all items are reviewed and any duties and taxes are calculated.

  • Receive You are billed for duties and taxes by your carrier.  TNT, FedEx, Aramex, UPS or DHL notifies you of any charges due.

At the end? Happy members and You get exactly what you wanted from Turkey.

How Takeandship Helps You Every Step of the Way

  • We make it easy to get started.

Our simple online registration gives you quick access to a Take&Ship shipping address.

  • We find great deals for you

Takeandship deals offers the latest discounts and Turkey stores.
We listed several online shopping websites in Turkey which are best rated
Check our exchange rates to determine where you can save the most
Having trouble buying? Our Shopping Assitance can purchase items for you!

  • We receive your products

Your package arrives at our facility
Our inbound team inspects every package you bought for damage
3 free external photos of each package
Storage your item secure until it is shipped. (Free up to 45 days)

  • We process your package

Expert packers consolidate or Repack/Merge your shipment to reduce international shipping costs.
Eco-friendly packaging materials protect your goods.
Real-time information lets you track packages door-to-door.
We help make worldwide shipping easy and worry-free.
Local forms are completed by our global export experts.

Takeandship Customer Care Service team is always here to assist you.

  • We always here to help you

How to Shop Turkey Stores & Ship to Worldwide with Take&Ship

Our customer service team is happy to help!

How to Shop Turkey Stores & Ship to Worldwide

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Purchase products from TURKEY online shops and get it delivered to your country. Just register, get your virtual TURKEY shipping address and enjoy the user friendly of our parcel forwarding service and fastest customer service.

We support you through the entire shopping, value added services, shipping & customs processes! Check Turkey`s best Shops or get access to amazing products.

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